Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat Review

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Slim profile and night light are used to be the features of high-end bidet seats. Luckily, Alpha JX bidet embraces these features but comes with a much lower price tag. If you are on a budget, you may like this model. Want to know more details of this bidet? Check our Alpha JX bidet toilet seat review now.

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Why You Should Buy an Alpha JX Bidet?

Alpha JX is a mid-range bidet seat from Alpha Bidet. As I mentioned above, it features a slim and low profile, making it looks like a luxury product. The night light included is very useful as it will light up your bathroom trip at night.

Last update on 2021-10-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

On top of it, it comes with a heated seat, adjustable water temperature, and pressure, as well as a self-cleaning nozzle. The dryer (not very powerful though) will help you to save some TP too.

In a word, this is a beautiful bidet with most of the basic functions included but will not cost you a fortune.

However, it does have some shortcomings when compared to “real luxury bidet”, read on to know the answer.


  • Slim and chic design – it can blend with your bathroom well.
  • Tankless water heating can offer you endless warm water.
  • The “bubble” water stream help to save more water.
  • It is quiet when working.
  • White night light included.
  • Remote control included.
  • The lid is thick which can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Offer 3 years warranty.
  • Fit most toilets even one-piece toilet.
  • Aluminum wash nozzle is antibacterial and easy to clean.


  • No auto open and close lid.
  • The dryer is not powerful: you still need to use some toilet paper.
  • No pulsating function.
  • The model can’t remember 2 persons’ preference.
  • No deodorizer to refresh the air.
  • The remote doesn’t have a backlit display.
  • The instruction is not very clear.
  • The night light is a bit too bright.

Features of Alpha JX

When I reviewed this model, I found that Alpha JX is an interesting model as it includes some advanced features but also lack of some back functions. Let’s explore it now.

  • Remote control

Some people like side panels, but I noticed that most of customers still prefer a remote. Even though you may forget where it is, but in most of cases, it could make your life easier. This is very useful for seniors and people with disabilities, allowing you control the bidet with a breeze without turning around.

You can adjust the temperature, water pressure as well as the nozzles on it, the “EASY WASH” and “WASH&DRY” are very handy which I will explain later.

But if the next generation could include a backlit, it would be better.

  • Night light

I have seen night light on TOTO S550E as well as Prodigy smart toilet, but not anything mid-range. So when I check this model and find that it has a night light, I am surprised.

The night light could show you the way when you want to use the bathroom at night. It helps to prevent falls without waking you up totally. This is very helpful for seniors or anyone will wake up during the night.

However, the light is a bit too bright for me, so I will choose to close my bathroom door.

  • Heated seat

The thing set a bidet seat apart from a bidet attachment is heated seat. I will say it is a life-saver especially when you live in a cold area. The temperature of this seat is adjustable from low, middle to high. You can also turn it off.

  • Adjustable nozzle

The nozzle is made of aluminium which is sturdy than a plastic one. It is removable and featuring an auto-cleaning function. When you sit on the bidet, it will start to clean the nozzle automatically.

There are two ports on the nozzles for rear and feminine clean. It will also oscillate back and forth to offer you a thoroughly cleaning experience. The distance is adjustable to meet your needs.

  • Endless warm water

The tankless water heating system not only makes the profile slim but offers you endless warm water.

Even though the tank may provide more stable water stream, but I still prefer a tankless one as I don’t need to worry about the water is going to running out soon.

  • Thick lid

I have to admitted that some lid from big brands are flimsy. This Alpha JX bidet comes with a thick lid that can support up to 300 lbs. When you happen to seat on the lid, you could will confident that it will not break up. Moreover, it is a soft-close lid.

  • Easy Wash

This is a shortcut button located on the remote. By pressing this button, the bidet will start to oscillate forward and backward and then stop automatically.

  • Wash & Dry

It is another shortcut button on the remote. Compared to “EASY WASH” function, it add a “drying” circle in it. Nevertheless, the dryer in this bidet is not so powerful that you may need to wait for 3-5 minutes until it gets completely dry. If you are impatient, you may think the dryer is worthless.

Some top-rated bidet seats will include a deodorizer, but this Alpha bidet doesn’t have. This accessory helps to clean the odors, helping to reduce embarrassment.

  • 2 Energy-saving models

Design of Alpha JX Bidet

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Thank to the tankless water heating, this Alpha JX model is slimmer than other counterparts. It fits the toilet so well that you and your guest may not notice that you replace your old seat.

The manufacturer offers 2 versions: elongated and round and weighs 3.38lbs(round)-3.6 lbs(elongated).

Except for a remote control, there is a control panel on front of the seat. You can adjust the light, energy saving models as well as stop the model.


The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty which is longer than lots of brands.

How to Install an Alpha JX?

There is not a big difference between installing an Alpha JX bidet and other bidets. We sum up these steps for you to follow:

  1. Remove the old seat.
  2. Turn off the shut-off valve and drain the toilet tank.
  3. Install a T-valve.
  4. Put the catch plate on the bolt holes and insert the fastening bolts.
  5. Fasten the plate
  6. Slide the bidet toward the plate.
  7. Connect the bidet to the hose.
  8. Connect the hose to T-valve.

Don’t forget you need an outlet as it is electronic.


By reading this Alpha JX bidet review, you will find out that it is chic model with night light and remote control. It offers you heated seat, rear and front clean as well as endless warm water. The lid is thick and the energy saving models help you to save the bill. Even though it doesn’t has deodorizer and the dryer is weak, it is still a good buy considering the price.

Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.

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