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SmartBidet Review


SmartBidet is one of the leading bidet toilet seat brands in the US. Their products such as SmartBidet SB-1000 and SB-2000 are quite popular on the market. Hence, this post we will go through the different SmartBidet bidet and find the best one for you.

Our Picks for Best SmartBidet bidet toilet seats

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Last update on 2020-10-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What is SmartBidet?

SmartBidet is sold by Hitrons Solutions, Inc, an exclusive distributor for small to middle size business in Korea. It is not a huge brand like TOTO or Kohler, but it is quite popular in the US now.

SmartBidet bidets are more hygiene than using toilet papers which may leave some residues when wiping leading to infections like urinary tract and yeast infections. Pregnant women and those having menstruation require higher cleaning standards to prevent infections.

The big reason why a lot of people choose to buy Smartbidet bidet is that it is very cost effective. You can obtain a good bidet toilet seat with a lot of features with a small amount of money.

This SmartBidet review will inform you of the benefits, and the best Smartbidets bidet to purchase on the market.

Benefits of Using a Smartbidet product

Bidets provide numerous benefits and make you remain clean and fresh all-day after using it. These SmartBidets products start changing individual’s bathroom habits right after seeing the fantastic features. Most of SmartBidet bidets come with the warm water jet and air dryer that leaves sensitive areas dry and fresh. Your family needs to stay protected from a severe infection caused by the remains in the anus after wiping with a toilet paper.

  • SmartBidet is cost-effective.

Compared to other big bidet toilet seat brand, SmartBidet is very cost-effective which means you can obtain the best rated bidet toilet seat with a lot of good features at a relatively low price. See also other quality cheap bidet.

  • Smartbidet Bidet allow better cleaning and personal hygiene

When one uses a dry toilet paper after using the bathroom, it leaves residues on the skin, and that makes you feel dirty while a bidet cleans and lets the stay skin dry and tender. Most of the infectious diseases are transmitted via skin contact, and if one member of a family is infected, then the whole family is at risk.

  • They are environmental friendly

Unlike the bidets, toilet paper may cause toilet blockage that leads to drastic measures being taken to unblock it. Opening the toilet to remove the hindering materials may be dangerous to the technician.  Choosing a good SmartBidet product can reduce the need for toilet papers whereby during manufacture they produce toxic gases which could be harmful to human health.

Manufacture of toilet papers requires hundred of trees to be cut down which destroys our forests and the ecosystem.

Smartbidet 1000 VS 2000

All these smart bidet products differ with different features, and that makes one type better than the other. Both SmartBidet 1000 and SmartBidet 2000 are the most popular bidets available on the market.

They are fully featured, and durable bidet toilet seats. SmartBidet 1000 and SmartBidet 2000 have a lot of features in common. They are featured heated toilet seat, have different levels of water pressure, water temperature, and nozzle positions. In addition, both models have air dryer function which makes you clean without using any toilet paper.

Furthermore, they both have energy save mode so that you don’t have to worry about your bills.

However, what makes the Smartbidet 2000 different from Smartbidet 1000 is that Smartbidet 2000 has a built-in panel so that you can control your bidet whenever you sit on it.

5 Best SmartBidet products Review

Bidets protect one from infecting diseases when the residue is left on the anus or the genitals. These bidets feature adjustable water temperatures heated dry air, adjustable water pressure, heated seat, adjustable spray width, adjustable nozzle position, air deodorizer, and nozzle sterilization. The other essential features are power saving mode, self-cleaning nozzles, oscillating cleanse, stainless steel nozzles, water pulse cleanse and feminine wash.

Choosing the best SmartBidet may not be easy because of the many bidet products available on the market; hence we have combined a list of the top best SmartBidet products.

1. SmartBidet SB-1000 SB-1000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat

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This SmartBidet SB-1000 is easy to install and comes with a wireless remote to control all the activities of the bidet. Before purchasing the electric SB- 1000 one should consider the number of electrical outlets available in the bathroom and their configuration. One could also think of using an extension cord for the same purpose.

This electrical bidet seat features adjustable five water pressure levels, three water temperature adjustments, and five nozzle position adjustments.

Also, it comes with warm air dryer that soothe the genitals and anus leaving them dry and fresh.


  • Adjustable Warm air dryer that eliminates toilet paper needs
  • Cheap
  • Wireless remote control
  • Energy saving mode
  • Soft closing lid and durable seat
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure settings
  • Designed for both rear and front wash


  • Maybe dangerous if the is a problem with the electric configuration in the bathroom.
  • You have to wait for a few minutes to make the water fill in the tank.
  • The nozzle is not stainless steel

2.SmartBidet SB-2000 SB-2000WE Smart Electric Bidet Seat

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Stay whole fresh day by using this Smartbidet SB-2000 that is designed to wash the front and rear surface of both male and female. It comes with a self-cleaning nozzle and oscillation to maintain maximum hygiene.

It has different adjustments settings to satisfy your needs which include water pressure and warm air dryer adjustable to five levels, water temperature adjustable to 3 degrees, adjustable nozzles to five levels and finally an adjustable seat to three levels.

This bidet features a built-in panel compared to SmartBidet SB-1000.

Moreover, the seat heating is design with an off and on the sensor that can only activate the bidet when seated on for safety measures. After washing with the warm water, the warm air dryer clears all the needs of using a toilet paper. Besides, Smartbidet 2000 has an energy saving mode to minimize the energy used during washing.

Only simple installation is required, and all the tools are provided with the package to fix everything.


  • Multiple adjustments for comfort
  • Comfortable heated seat
  • Option for warm water
  • Need for toilet paper is eliminated by the presence of a dryer
  • Built in panel


  • The nozzle is not stainless steel

3. SmartBidet SB-110 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets

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This elongated SmartBidet bidet has a sleek and slim design that allows a maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs. It can also be used by children with over five years of age. The drain button is formulated on the nozzle’s left side for much convenience. The nozzle is created to retract and self-clean after every use.

Besides, SmartBidet SB-110 uses stainless steel nozzle and a removable cap to extend the durability of the bidet.

This best SmartBidet product will be suitable for all of your family members; hence maximum hygiene is maintained in your home. It’s also sold at a fair price compared to the other brands available.


  • The nozzle cap is easily removed for thorough cleansing
  • Instant water heating since there is no reservoir
  • Nozzle cap is replaceable
  • Great design
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Weight capacity is 440 lbs.


  • The power is weak for some customers.
  • Due to elongation design, the seat opening may not suit everyone

4. SmartBidet SB-100R Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control

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Smartbidet-100R comes with stainless steel nozzle that is self-cleaning after each use to prevent germs.  The soft closing lid can hold a weight capacity of 330 lbs maximum. Also, it features adjustable pressure, temperature, and nozzle for both posterior and feminine wash. Its nozzle cap can be removed for thorough cleaning, and you can replace it.

Again, it consists of 1.3 inches thickness; hence one shouldn’t worry seating on it. Its installation is simple, and all the accessories need are offered. It features 3 in 1 nozzle system and a sensor that only activates when you seat.

The best part of this SmartBidet bidet is that it also has a simple but useful built-in panel on the left. In case you forget your remote somewhere, you can still get yourself clean.


  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Self-cleaning nozzle after every use
  • Replaceable cap
  • Multi-adjustment settings
  • Strong and slim design
  • Easy to access with a remote control


  • The seat may not be strong enough to support much weight

5. Smart Bidet SB-3000 Electric Bidet Seat, Elongated

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A lot of brands are trying to develop some luxury bidet toilet seats to meet the needs of customer you want to have an extraordinary experience. SmartBidet SB-3000 bidet seat is the high-end product of SmartBidet and is manufactured in the USA.

It is an elongated and cotton white bidet toilet seat. It comes with five adjustable pressure and temperature settings. Additionally, the electronic bidet toilet seat is designed with a warm air dryer and heated seat that increases the comfort of the user. This helps you to stay dry and fresh throughout the day and also keeping you from touching germs.

This high-end SmartBidet bidet has some unique features compared to other products. You can enjoy the unlimited warm water and the LED night light can prevent you from falling down. It will benefit for elderly and people with low visibility.

Hate the bad odor made by yourself?  This automatic deodorizer will make you feel much better.


  • Unlimited warm water.
  • LED toilet night light.
  • Automatic Deodorizer.
  • Heated seat.


  • Only have an elongated mode.
  • Relatively high price.

Bottom Line

This SmartBidets review will help you in getting one of the SmartBidet bidets suitable for your family. Selecting one of this top SmartBidets bidet helps one in keeping your loved ones happy and healthy. Because only a few people of those who visit the toilet remember to wash their hands thoroughly hence using a SmartBidet will be the best option for your home.

SmartBidet is a good bidet brand with a relatively low price. You can also check our picks for other bidet brands such as TOTO, Brondell, and Biobidet.

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