Toto Washlet S300e Review

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on TOTO Washlet as it has successfully introduced new trends in the technology industry of household items.

toto washlet s350e review

Countless people around the globe have installed this toilet in their houses and are deeply satisfied with its usage. TOTO Washlet S300e is a new variety of Washlet, and it offers a wide range of features as compared to its counterparts.

Let’s take a quick look at this popular TOTO Washlet S300e

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We are now living in a world of technology. Everything that we use, from our kitchen appliances to our vehicles, are all techy. Now, this technology has also entered our bathrooms in the form of bidets. TOTO Washlet S300e has all the features that an individual can associate with the bidet. One of the best things that make it worth purchasing is that it has a built-in sanitation system: EWATER+.

In our TOTO washlet comparison, TOTO Washlet S300e stands out due to its slim design and advanced technology.

When you think of a top-class bidet, you make up your mind and start expecting it to provide you with all the high-quality features. TOTO Washlet S300e would not disappoint you. For instance, it offers various options for a spray for the rear and front. It also comes with a pre-mist, which aids in ensuring that the bowl of the toilet is more slippery.

Moreover, it has different settings for water, the temperature of the seat, and the air dryer. To ensure the comfort of the user, not only does the water instantly heat up but the wand has also been adjustable. We review the details of s300e in this post, please continue to read.

Features of TOTO Washlet S300e

Let us discuss in detail the features of this top-ranked TOTO Washlet S300e.

  • Remote Control

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The remote control is used to operate TOTO Washlet S300e. Other high-ranked bidet toilet seats also share this feature. Its slim design and remote control make this bidet the most compact bidet toilet seat to be purchased. The remote has two sides to set your preference and can store the personal settings for 2 different users.

  • EWATER+ Electrolyzed Water

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It is a very distinct kind of electrolyzed water that rapidly sterilizes and refreshes the toilet right after it is being used. This kind of water is also used to disinfect the devices which are used for food preparation.

TOTO Washlet S300e pre-mists the toilet bowl; it wets it both before and after use. Each time the flush is used; this special electrolyzed water mists it. This shuns the need for using any chemical product to clean it.

TOTO Washlet S300e is a bidet that has the feature of self-cleaning itself. It does this through the use of a particular feature of sanitization through the use of the EWATER+ system. This bidet has the ability to create electrolyzed water and to spray that water in the bowl.

TOTO Washlet S300e sprays the water every time it is being used. It also sprays the electrolyzed water every eight hours if it is not being used. The purpose of doing this is to keep it fresh and the stains will not leave on the surface of the bowl.

The electrolyzed water is also being used by TOTO Washlet S300e to clean the wand prior to the use as well as after the use. This clearly shows that the topmost priority of TOTO Washlet S300e is to maintain hygiene.

  • Personal Settings Button

The remote that accompanies TOTO Washlet S300e has an exceptional feature, i.e. personal settings. Through this, you can easily store the desired wand position that makes you comfortable.

You can also store the desired pressure of water, the temperature of the water as well and the best thing is that the settings are not just stored for an individual but can, in fact, be stored for two people using the same toilet.

  • Removal Button

There is a removal button on the TOTO Washlet S300e. This button helps in sliding off the bidet toilet seat to ensure thorough cleaning of the toilet.

  • Air Dryer

It also has an air dryer. The settings of this air dryer can be customized as per your comfort and your requirements. The temperature can be adjusted from low to high that is from 95°F/35°C to 140°F/60°C.

  • Heated Seat

The temperature of the heated bidet seat can be set between 82˚F/28˚C to 97˚F/36˚C. The heated seat can be turned completely off or can be set on an auto energy-saving mode.

  • Wand cleaning Feature

The wand can be wiped down by using the wand cleaning feature. This feature is quite different from the auto wand sanitization feature that uses electrolyzed water. There is an option at the end of the remote of cleaning the wand. Simply, extend the wand out and clean it by the use of this feature using a remote control.

Cleaning the nozzle on a monthly basis is strongly recommended or else you may clean it whenever you see dirt on it. After five minutes the wand would retract automatically. Wipe the wand with the help of a soft wet cloth. Be mindful of a very significant precautionary measure. Do not push or pull the wand with excessive force as it can damage the wand and will affect its functioning. When you are finished with the task of cleaning the wand, use the remote to turn it off.

This does not sum up the top-notch features that are provided to the users by TOTO Washlet S300e. The list, in fact, goes on. It has a closed lid that is very soft. It provides the users with the unique feature of an air deodorizer along with the energy-saving setting that is fully automatic.

Pros of TOTO Washlet S300e

Purchasing a luxury bidet toilet seat is a huge investment. It is something that an individual always uses for years and it’s not replaced on a regular basis. If you are looking for an astounding option, you need to opt for a TOTO Washlet S300e bidet toilet seat.

Here are some of the advantages of this item:

  • Heated bidet seat.
  • Personal settings for 2 users.
  • EWATER+ system to improve hygiene level.
  • Customizable cleaning: you can change temperature, the pressure of water and the position of the wand.
  • Remote control and compacted design.
  • A warm dryer to minimize the usage of toilet paper.
  • Can avoid the use of chemicals or other toxic cleaners.

Cons of TOTO Washlet S300e

TOTO Washlet S300e has been criticized for the sounds of the bells and the whistles that accompany it. Although, there is the option of turning most of the sounds off. However, the sound of the fan that is meant to deodorize cannot be turned off and is often very annoying.

Many folks have also criticized the product for its sensitivity. Whenever an individual comes near it, it pre-sprays the water, without taking into consideration that the person might not intend to use it.

Also, compared to other bidet toilet combo or high-end bidets, this bidet seat doesn’t come with an auto open and close lid function.

TOTO washlet S300e VS TOTO washlet S350e

The truth is there is no big difference between S300e and S350e. Both of them features for EWATER+ system, heated seat,  personal settings for 2 persons, and so on.

The only difference is that TOTO washlet S350e can open and close the lid automatically which can give you an even better experience. This features can also benefit for some people with specific disabilities.

Dimensions of TOTO Washlet S300e

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Prominent because of its slim pattern, TOTO Washlet S300e just measures around 4″ at the tallest point at the back of the toilet seat. On the contrary, other mid-range bidet seats have a measurement of around 7″ such as TOTO washlet C100 we reviewed before. For TOTO, the higher priced bidet always comes with a slimmer design.

This bidet toilet seat is available in two versions: round and elongated. The dimensions for the round version of S300e seat are 18-7/8″ (529mm) long, 15-3/10″ wide, and 3-15/16″ (100mm) tall. The dimensions for the elongated S300e seat are 20-3/4″ (529mm) long, 15-3/10″ wide, and 3-15/16″(100mm) tall.

How to Install TOTO Washlet S300e

Although the installation of TOTO Washlet S300e is almost the same as installing any other bidet seat, the benefits are far more in magnitude. The following simple procedure needs to be followed for the installation of TOTO Washlet S300e or you can watch the video directly:

  1. The imperative gears that are required for the installation procedure include Philips and flathead screwdrivers and two amendable wrenches.
  2. The Base Plate Template is used to correctly position the base plate on the lavatory. The template is fastened to the base plate when dispatched from the factory. In case the template gets separated from the base plate, abide by the directions written on the instructions to rejoin it to the base plate.
  3. Attach the rubber bushings in escalating holes of the toilet seat. Wetting the rubber bushings with water will make the insertion easy.
  4. Roughly connect the screws, gaskets, lock washers and the base plate on the exterior of the seat of the toilet.
  5. Gauge the breach between the bolt center and the front periphery of the toilet.
  6. For Elongated toilets, situate the bolt center with the word “ELONGATED” written on the base plate instructions. For round toilets, position the bolt center with the word “ROUND” written on the base plate prototype.
  7. Secure the base plate to the bidet toilet seat by tightly gripping the base plate with your hand to refrain it from shifting its position. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tauten the screws into the latex bushings. The bushings will magnify inside the escalating holes of the bidet seat. Pursue compression until the bolts are tight. Be vigilant not to over-tighten the bolts with unnecessary strength.
  8. If you intend to remove the base template, pull up the base plate gradually.
  9. Pedestal the Washlet by supporting the channels underneath the main body with the ruts on the base plate. Slither the main body onto the base plate. Continue doing so until it clicks.
  10. Scrutinize the alignment of the Washlet after the completion of the installation process.
  11. Press the rapid release button to disconnect the Washlet bidet seat and slide the main body forward.
  12. Stiffen the screws gradually until the base plate gets into contact with the bowl of the toilet.
  13. Ascend the Washlet.

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On the whole, this product has all the facets and qualities that you look for when purchasing an advanced bidet toilet seat. If you don’t mind to open and close the lid by yourself and the little noice it may have,  this one would be a perfect one to choose.

Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.

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