Best Well Pressure Tank: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you wondering which is the best well pressure tank to install in your home? A household has many activities that require water throughout the day, and if your well water pressure tank has faulty, then you may end up going for a day or two without water. With a best well pressure tank provides gallons of water to be used whenever your faucet does not have an adequate water supply for the household.

Moreover, having inadequate supply will leave you annoyed especially with the modern toilet, or if your home uses bidets instead of toilet papers. If you considered bidets to be more hygienic than toilet papers, then you will require a good well pressure tank to water running in your bathrooms throughout.

Our Picks for Best Well Water Pressure Tanks

We know you may not be familiar with these types of products. Therefore we suggest you to know our reviews below, however, if you are in hurry, we can check these 3 pressure tanks that we think you may like.

Best Overall
WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank, 20-Gallon
High Volume Option
Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon
High Quality Tank
Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank, 20-Gallon
Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon
Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
Best Overall
WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank, 20-Gallon
WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank, 20-Gallon
High Volume Option
Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon
Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon
High Quality Tank
Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

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What is Well Pressure Tank?

A suitable well pressure tank is a tank that supplies water throughout your homestead using compressed air.  Well-water pressure is connected to the great pump that delivers water to plumbing fixtures from the well.  A well water pressure tank is used as a reservoir that stores the water which is then distributed to all other plumbing fixtures in the home.

The most common water pressure tanks available on the market today are 32 and 20-gallon sizes. These tanks are also designed to signal the well-pump to refill it when the water level is low. Water pressure tank saves you electricity bills and money because you do not cycle the well pump every time water is needed. Starting and stopping the pump often may reduce the life span of your well pump as a result of the substantial stress.

Why Should You Use a Well Water Tank?

Well water pressure tank is formulated to prevent the water pump from wearing out. If you keep on pumping water directly from the well each time water is needed, then you might spend much money replacing the pump than the one you could have used buying and installing a pressure tank. These pressure tanks feature in-built bladder and diaphragm that enable more comfortable and constant access to water without being dependent on the pump.

Besides, several things will make you think of using a water pressure tank. If you choose the best well pressure tank, it will give you the following benefits.

  • Provides Constant Water Access

Best well pressure tank stores several gallons that offer water throughout the house fixtures after the well pump has turned off. Again, the water pressure tank operates on high-performance mechanisms that prevent water pump damages.

Also, using a well pressure tank is suitable for your toilets and bidets because they require water to be available throughout. For instance, if your home goes without water for a day, then you will be forced to use toilet papers which makes you touch the anus and perianal that may cause dangerous infection if you don’t clean your hands thoroughly. Well water pressure tanks provide water daily, and hence bidets will be in use every time. (Check our recommendation for best bidets.)

  • Prevents wastage of water

Knowing the amount of water available will help you to use it carefully. Well water pressure tank is created such that you can see the amount of water is being stored after switching off the water pump; hence you will be aware of the amount of water at hand.

  • It Saves Money and is Cheap

Best well pressure pumps save you from paying large electricity bills since they don’t consume much power, unlike the typical ones. When you do not have a well pressure tank, you are bound to use the well pump throughout which results in the tearing and wearing out of the motor. However, replacing the well water pump will cost enough amounts that could have been used to install the best well pressure tank that will last for many years.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Best Well Water Tank

When buying new appliances, it is important to note the features and its benefits and its overall performance.  Selecting the best well pressure from the market may not be easy due to the many available products. Moreover, if not well guided, you could end up purchasing low-quality pressure tank that might not give you the maximum results expected. Besides, if you make the wrong choice, you may incur a loss because most manufacturers do not offer a return or replacement warrant.

  • The capacity of the Pressure Tank

While buying a pressure tank, you should consider the amount of water usage in your home. If it’s for basic water needs only, then a small sized tank will serve you well. However, if irrigation and other domestic water needs are included, you should consider buying high capacity water pressure tank. Aim on buying large best well pressure tank if the water needs are enormous.

  • The Flexibility of the Installation

Checking the pressure tank design first before purchasing enables you to confirm and decide whether it will fit in your home or maybe it’s not a better idea to install it. Inspecting the space available and the design accordingly you will be able to tell if it’s easy to install the tank.

  • The Sturdiness

It’s essential to ensure that the tank is sturdy enough to store the water. Investigate the liner properly to ensure that it does not consist of any chip or crack in it which may interfere with the taste of your water in any way.

Want to buy a new well water pressure tank? Watch the video below and you will not how to install and replace a well pressure tank immediately!

5 Best Well Pressure Tanks Review

Maintaining all of your water needs activities running is important because some are vital for your health. If your bathrooms go without water, then this could lead to killer disease like cholera. Water is an essential aspect of your home to remain clean and free from outbreaks and infections.

To choose the best well pressure tank is not easy due to a large number of products available from different brands and it is something related to technology.  However, we believe this list of top best well pressure tank product will help you find the perfect one for your home.

1. Water Worker 20-Gallon Vertical Pressure Tank

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Water Worker vertical pressure tank features 20 gallons capacity which is equivalent to a galvanized tub holds 42 gallons of water. It comes with an in-built butyl heavy-duty diaphragm that enables access to water consistently. This tank is made of steel for strength and durability; hence it’s long lasting. The high-gloss enamel finish is resistant to weather and corrosion you don’t have to worry about dumpy areas.

Moreover, it comes with a polypropylene liner that segregates water from steel to prevent it from changing its taste. Water Worker tank liner does not have a chip, crack, flake, or peel; hence your water is safe from any odor. Its diaphragm has flex and seamless construction design unlike the bladder type tanks that crease and stretch. Finally, the vertical pressure tank accommodates 100psi as the maximum pressure for household purposes and is also pre-charge to 25psi.


  • Easy installation process
  • The enamel finish is quality and keeps it from corrosion
  • It suitable for both commercial and residential purposes
  • Provides clean water constantly
  • It’s a lightweight unit
  • Very easy to install


  • The longevity is not assured

2. Amtrol 26 Gallons Well Pressure Tank

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Amtrol pressure tank is made using steel shell for high strength for support and has a water capacity of 26 gallons. This tank can serve both commercial and residential needs due to its large size. Moreover, its inner side features polypropylene liner that cannot peel, crack, flake, or chip and also protects water from coming into contact with the steel or even changing its odor and taste.

Also, it comes with a unique hoop ring seal which is created to protect the liner and diaphragm from any added reliability and strength.


  • Made of durable material
  • Effective water tank capacity
  • Good polypropylene liner to protect water taste
  • Unique hoop ring seal
  • Easy installation


  • The water tank base may get destroyed over the years
  • Tank leakage results to it being water-logged

3. Pre-charged Water Worker Horizontal 20 Gallons Horizontal Pressure Water Tank

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Its design meets all the National Sanitation Foundation requirements listed ANSI/NSF Std 62. The horizontal water tank comes with a butyl diaphragm that allows constant water supply when the well pump is shut down. Moreover, the membrane has a flex design and seamless construction rather than creasing and stretching like the bladder tanks.

Again, it is pre-charged up to 25psi, but the maximum working pressure capacity is 100psi. The enamel finishing protects the pressure tank from corrosion and is water resistant.  This butyl diaphragm isolates the water from coming into contact with the steel which may cause alteration of water taste. The water reservoir liner does not chip, flake, peel or crack.


  • Water taste remains the same and no alteration
  • Flex design and seamless construction
  • High gloss enamel finishing that protects the tank from corrosion
  • Large capacity tank


  • May have water tank leakage that leads to water-logged

4. WellMate 87 Gallon Fiberglass Tank

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WellMate holds substantial more water capacity than the other water pressure tanks. If you have many water needs, then this is the best selection for you, and it will serve your purpose well. It’s quick to connect and provides an allowance of a replaceable air cell that ensures easy field servicing.

Moreover, the fiberglass material used to make this water pressure tank will not rust even corrosive areas. This is the best well pressure tank to purchase especially in coastal environments. Besides, the container is easy and quick to install, and its installation process is less costly. Again, it comes with an extended warranty for labor for the homeowner; hence you don’t have to worry about the installation.


  • Accessible to service and quick connection
  • Larger water capacity
  • Non-corrosive fiberglass material
  • Has less costly and quick installation process
  • Extended labor warrant for homeowners
  • Can be used for both domestic and commercial purpose


  • The water tank base is exposed to damage and hence may not be reliable

5. Flotec Pre-charged 35 Gallon Water Pressure Tank

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This appliance is constructed using heavy-gauge steel and holds a total of 35 gallons of water which is enough to serve domestic water needs and ensure your toilets and bidets do not run out water. It features a bladder that helps in separating water and air.

Moreover, it has a pre-charge of 40psi, and the vertical water pressure tank comes with a five years warranty. The USA made tank is usually pressurized, and so it’s essential to make some adjustments on the pressure before operating it.


  • It doesn’t take much space as the standard water tank
  • Its bladder is also replaceable and can be found at the manufacturer’s site
  • Has a five years warranty
  • The shell is lightweight


  • Does not come with bolts and nuts
  • The tank base threading may not be thick enough for preventing leakage

Bottom Line

Having the best well pressure tank for your home ensures that you have constant water access.

Moreover, it’s not easy to select the best well pressure tank from the market because of the many products from different brands which differ with only a few features. When choosing the water tank you should ensure it is affordable, durable and efficient.  Also, select a pressure tank that meets all your home water needs and ensure that the construction material does not corrode.

The water pressure tank is helpful if your family has transformed from toilet papers to bidets. Again the modern-day toilets require water after each use; otherwise, there could be disease breakout and infections( A bidet water filter is another product you should consider to buy). We believe that this list of the top best well pressure tank will reduce your work in finding the best shell that fits your needs.

Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.

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