Are Bidets Sanitary?

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Using a bidet in the bathroom is a trend in the US now.  However, there is a lot of rumors around it as well. In this article, we will go through the basic idea of bidets and answer the question you want to know: are bidet sanitary?

What is a bidet?

what is bidet toilet seat

A bidet is a specialized bathroom fixture for washing the genitalia, perineum, internal posterior, and butt of the human body. The old style bidet usually situated beside the toilet in the room. A modern bidet usually refers to the bidet toilet seat which located on the top of the normal toilet.

There are also other types of bidets which include the bidet sprayer, bidet attachment, and travel bidet.

With technology development, a bidet toilet combo starts to show up on the market.

However, changing a habit you born to have is hard for everyone.  When people are wondering whether they should replace their white tissue paper with the warm water? They doubt: are bidets sanitary?

Are bidets sanitary?

Even though bidets have been integrated into American modern life, there is not enough scientific evidence to show the benefits or backward of using a bidet. Therefore we go through hundreds of reviews and observe the details of different kinds of bidets so as to figure out all the misconceptions and benefits behind bidet.

Using the toilet paper may not the best way of cleaning your bum after using the bathroom because some residue is left, which might cause infections.

Bidets enable one to avoid touching perianal, perineal and anal all together which may cause infections if your hands are not cleaned thoroughly.

One of the most popular types of bidets is the bidet toilet seat that leaves the backsides feeling healthier, fresher and cleaner. Bidets are the most suitable to use after having surgery, when experiencing bowel syndrome or after giving birth. This is because that part of the skin is sensitive and scraping your anus with a dry paper may irritate and damage the surface more.

Individuals with reduced mobility and incontinence will like bidets as it helps to protect their privacy.

Bidet toilet seats help them regain dignity and comfort by enabling the patients to visit the toilet by themselves. The bidets have a warm air dryer and a warm water jet that cleans and leaves the areas dry relieving one from irritation and tenderness.

Moreover, bidets have temperature settings to provide the warmth that suits your needs. Cleaning with water is better than smearing using toilet paper.  What makes these bidets better than toilet papers is that the nozzles are designed to self-clean themselves hence after using it you do not have to clean them.

Is soap required in the bidet water for proper cleaning? Using abrasive and harsh cleanser regularly for cleaning your genitals may cause the skin dry which increases the risk of getting infections and inflammation. Warm water is the way recommended by medical specialists for cleaning the genital area and lots of more advanced bidets can do it.

What are the Benefits of Using Bidet Toilet Seats?

It is important to consider using bidets toilet seats because lots of the infectious diseases are transmitted through contact of skin to skin. In fact, not everyone who visit the toilet will wash their hands immediately and the bidet offers a way to save more toilet paper and reduce the chance to contact your sensitive skin.

During Menstruation

Menstruation does not only contain blood but also vaginal mucus, degenerated endometrial particles and cervical mucus. Instead of toilet papers, bidets works well on helping in cleansing the delicate area, rinsing and removing any bad odor that makes one remain comfortable throughout the day.

Prevents Yeast and Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract and yeast infections lead to itching, unpleasant odor and result in discomforts the whole day. Bidet toilet seats provide a real solution by soothing the pain from the symptoms.

Help in Managing Problems Associated with Pregnancy

As the weight increases during the pregnancy that may lead to the development of hemorrhoids causing itching, painful burning sensation or even bleeding.

Again, when pregnant some parts of the body become unreachable. The awkward shape obtained during pregnancy prevents the women from using the toilet papers correctly on their genitals.

With bidets, it will assist in cleaning the affected area and keeping it dry.

Proper Cleansing after Delivery

Women require extra cleaning after and before delivery. Before giving birth women experience loss of amniotic fluid, water breaking and loss of mucus plug. The bidets toilet seat provides relief and comfort. The bidet gently cleans and smooths the sensitive area, and even the thought of wiping the genitals with toilet papers after delivery is scary because of the inflammations.

Enables men to improve their anal hygiene

The bidet toilet seat comes with soothing warm water that relieves the discomfort related to hemorrhoids and constipation. If the penis is contaminated by the fecal remains while wiping with a toilet paper, the microbes may be transferred to the partner during sexual intercourse. When traveling if one uses a toilet paper, the anus may not be cleaned well, and if these residues mix with sweat there could be lousy odor which causes you to feel uncomfortable throughout the journey.

Makes the Seniors to Remain Independent

Seniors who have arthritis, mobility problems or incontinence find it challenging to use the toilet on their own; therefore a caregiver is always with them which may invade their privacy especially when they cannot help themselves with the wiping. But with the bidets, your work will be straightforward where you are only required to make him, or her sit on the toilet and the rest is done by the bidets.

Allows the children to stay clean and dry

Children may use the toilet but may not clean the area thoroughly. A bidet will rinse and dry the posterior with the warm water. Allowing your kids to use toilet papers may even cause other expenses on medical bills due to infections it may occur. Tissues may make them touch their genitals, but children always forget to wash their hands before eating. If happened, they are at risk of falling sick.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Bidet?

There are important factors that should be considered before buying a bidet because some manufacturers do not allow for a refund.  Besides, if you are not careful, you may encounter some long run that may cost money, effort and time. All these bidets are designed considering the positions of the nozzles so that the genitals will be cleaned thoroughly without any residues left. The prices of the bidets are not high compared to the benefits they provide.

Consider your budget and the costs

A good quality bidet will last for years which saves you money for purchasing toilet papers every time. If you are concerned about maintaining the hygiene of their home, then it’s a good item to opt for.

You should trade off the features and costs. Advanced bidet seats often come with adjustable nozzles, personal settings, and heated seats.  However, if you are a cost-conscious shopper, you can start by buying a bidet attachment.  You will enjoy it no matter it is a cheap bidet or a luxury one.

The Shape and Size of the Bidets

Bidets are designed in different shapes and sizes. The most popular bidet seat shapes on the market are elongated and round shapes created to fit in the modern residential toilets. Purchasing the wrong seat size causes un-ergonomic placing and uncomfortable seating. With these shape designs, your child can seat comfortably.

Electrical or non-electrical

Bidets are classified as non-electrical and electrical types. Non-electrical bidet toilet seats are sold at low prices compared to the electrical bidets. These electrical bidets are designed with additional features that require electricity. It’s also important to consider the number of electrical outlets when selecting electric bidets. However, one can also decide to use an extension cord if the electrical outlets are not enough. It’s safe to confirm the electrical configuration in your bathroom before purchasing heated bidets.

Materials Used and Durability

The materials used to make the bidet toilet seats determine the durability. Those bidets that contain wooden parts may soak water after cleaning and become a dump. Due to the dumpiness, the seat could trap some bacteria and cause infections at the end. So we prefer plastic models.

You can also consider buying a bidet water filter to extend the life of the bidet.

Bottom Line

Are bidets sanitary? Yes, bidets enhance the hygiene of your home because only a few people who remember to wash their hands after visiting the toilet. It helps you to stay fresh, clean and dry throughout the day. Additionally, it also helps to save toilet paper.

However, selecting the best bidet from the many products available on the market is a hard task to do. Many people are not aware of the benefits of using bidets rather than toilet papers. However, you should keep your bidet clean so as to bring you a good experience.

Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.

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